The Story

The Sky-High City of STEAMPUFF is a floating island hidden amongst the clouds. When Steampuff's architect Haephestus Von Toot (who has been charged with keeping the world of Steampuff aloft) is suddenly kidnapped by the robotic Killamari, it’s up to his only son Victor to rescue him. Fortunately, his father left behind a treasure-trove of steam-powered gizmos and companions to aid Victor on this dangerous quest. With the help of Duchess the sassy automaton housemaid, Rivet the croaking robot frog and Samson the transforming locomotive, Victor must find his father and prevent the city from falling from the sky. Along the journey, he will discover something even more treacherous: the truth about his own family.

The Characters

Victor Von Toot

At 10 years of age, Victor Von Toot is already smarter than smart. Curious, inquisitive, and more than a little handy with a machine, he spends almost all of his time with his one remaining parent - the brilliant and eccentric steamsmith named Hephaestus. While his brain may seem over developed, it’s his heart that his father is most interested in cultivating. When his father is mysteriously kidnapped by an unknown villain, Victor is left alone for the first time in his life, forced to survive on his own - but not alone. An entourage of steam-powered pals left behind by his father are there to help along the way.


Hephaestus Von Toot

As a brilliant and eccentric steamsmith, Hephaestus Von Toot spends his time tinkering with zany inventions, most of them built to protect and safeguard what remains of his family: his only son, Victor. With his wife long lost, he spends all of his time (and tinkering energy) keeping his son safe from harm. But when Hephaestus’ past comes back to haunt him, separating him from his son, it is up to Victor (and Heph’s gadget creations) to save Steampuff from destruction.





The Duchess

The Duchess is a highly advanced, self-winding automaton whose sole purpose is to look after and protect Victor. Part Mary Poppins, part Wonder Woman, all butt-kicking machine, the Duchess has a deep and childlike jealousy of anything (or anyone) else that captures Victor’s attention. Her life source is the swinging heart pendulum inside her chest.






As a trusty (albeit rusty) steam locomotive, Samson is the primary means of conveyance for both Victor and his father. But with a little help from Victor’s imagination (channeled through the ENKINDLER KEY), Samson becomes something much more than a train. Namely, a 40-foot robotic bodyguard. With the size of a monster and the fierce loyalty of a family dog, Samson is the biggest and best friend a ten-year-old boy could ever have.






Able to fish small components out of even smaller spaces with the use of his winch-like tongue, Rivet the steam-powered frog is every mechanic’s best friend. That is, until he starts eating everything that he finds. With a pet’s affinity for Victor and a comical attraction to the Duchess, Rivet is always good for a laugh. His mischievousness and uncanny ability to be in the middle of the action usually means he is either a key to stopping a crisis or creating a new one. 


Phinnegan Tentacle

The mysterious proprietor of Tentacle’s Antiquitorium and one time research assistant of Hephaestus Von Toot. Though Hephaestus opted to stall their research (as their findings proved FAR TOO DANGEROUS), Phinnegan never got over the slight - determined to master an ancient power source and remake the world as he sees fit.



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